Danish version
The fine line between art and terror is literally blown away when an underground art-movement detonates the Berlin Museum of Zoology – and declaring it “a work of art”. The manifesto is to liberate beauty – and they are ruthless in their pursuit. Perhaps it is “the ruthlessness” that appeals to the young unemployed actress Eva Kovacs. Soon she has become part of the movement – and fallen in love with the self-proclaimed leader Louis.   It makes good news: Blown up buildings, scattered dinosaur bones, feathers from long dead animals. The images of their “first great work of art” are displayed around the globe, and the underground movement has become a police matter. But the movement continues on their fatale mission to liberate what they call “a slumbering humanity, anaesthetised by entertainment, reality shows and materialism.   “The Secret Society of Fine Arts” is a visual experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before – written and directed by Anders Rønnow Klarlund.  Genre: Experimental Running Time: 76 Min. Language: English Subtitles: Danish Dir: Anders Rønnow Klarlund Cast: Jana Klinge Christian Blümel Susanne Wuest Daniel Zillmann